Our Donors

MTA is pleased to acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors for our 2020-21 Season. If you would like to donate to our theatre and join this list, please click the "Donate to MTA" button below to make a tax deductible contribution now.


Arizona Commission on the Arts
Carlson Family/Asset Preservation Tax and Retirement Services
The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation
City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture*

$2,500-$4,999 SEASON LEADER

Davis Family/Success Property Brokers
Foy Family
Hammond Family/American Express
Kishbaugh Family
Rain Man Roofing

$1,200-$2,499 GRAND SPONSOR

Barbara Stewart
Cioffi Family
Estes-Comp Family
Fletcher Family
Hall Family/My Personal Vitamin
Hauge-Wells Family
Hawley Family
Hendrix Family
Ikesaki Family
McCarthy Family
McDonough Family
Momeyer Family
Neal Family
Oberbroeckling Family
Penrose-Purvis Family
Tjorhom Family
Trautman Family
Kennedy and Lucy Weitekamp
Westerlind Family


Angel Pediatrics
Bousard Family
Rob and Adele Mackintosh
Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry
Wood Orthodontics
Target Circle Giving Program

$250-$499 PATRON

Bruemmer Law
Kara Sime
Paula Maitland
Veterans Heritage Project

$25-$249 SUPPORTER

Bruemmer Law
Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers
Garcia Family
Alison Sasser
Barb Arnold
Barb Sasser
Bragg Family
Christine Creed
Claudia Huber
Cyndi and Neal Wood
Cynthia Ray
Dena Cabrera & Danny Rosenbaum
Diane Hammond
Dockter Family
Eric Gallagher
Eve McAvoy
Jennifer Black
Jennifer Lindblad
Jody Kring
Krista Rockwell
Kunnari Family
Larry and Cory Trautman
Marylou Fracisco
Melanie Kunnari
Melissa Davis
Mills Family
Nancy Wood
Nanette Miller
O'Bannion Family
Robin Victor
Roger Moore/Kaylie Stone
Ronnie and Dianna Leiker
Sheila Westerlind
Stewart Family
Stuart Broyles
Tiffany Moore
Victor Family
Viso Family
Wilmar Bergdolt


Sarah Sotile
Susan McDonough
Jessica Lien
Stephen Hoffman
Susan Roty
Zachary Wood

*Partial funding provided by the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture through appropriations from the Phoenix City Council